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2. What did you like/dislike about it?
3. Who would you recommend this book to?
As portrayed by Dina Gross in "Reel Life Starring Us," by Lisa Greenwald, transferring to a new school in eighth grade is always tough. She just can't seem to get the message across that at her old school, she was cool. And although Chelsea Stern, the most popular girl in the school, may seem to have the perfect life, her secrets about her home life put her far from that title. When Dina and Chelsea are assigned to do a video project together for Rockwood Hills Middle School's fiftieth-anniversary gala, Dina thinks this will automatically lead to a great new social life - that is, if she can use the ultra-famous Rockwood Hills graduate Sasha Preston for her video. But no matter how amazing Chelsea's school life may seem, her secrets mean she's seeking answers from Sasha as well. Although this book did not appeal to me as much as the "Pink and Green" series by the same author did, I would still recommend it to tweens and middle-grade readers who love realistic fiction novels or are a fan of Lisa Greenwald.  Library Catalog
Reel Life, Starring Us
Lisa Greenwald